Life. Love. Second Chances.

​​Love the second time around is no walk
on the beach for Annie.

After her husband is senselessly murdered, Annie MacKerricher moves to Trinidad, on California’s secluded North Coast, in search of a new life.

Annie hopes to recapture her talent for designing vibrant scarves, which seems to have died with her husband. Towering redwoods, ocean vistas, and empty beaches provide the perfect inspiration.

The tiny fishing village offers Annie something else—the possibility of romance. Commercial fisherman and painter Forrest Hammond intrigues Annie as she watches his calloused hands deftly wield his delicate paintbrushes. But Annie doesn’t realize that Hammond’s fascination with her may have as much to do with his past as with her.

Before long, Annie encounters a sinister lowrider repeatedly cruising past her. Her husband’s murderer threatened revenge after she testified against him. Has his gang come to collect? Or does someone else want Annie dead?